Buffalo Preserve in Indiana

Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve was established in Fremont, Indiana, in 1992. Visitors can join a tour (daily, leaving every hour) for an up-close experience with the North American Bison. You’ll be driven in an open truck where the buffalo really do roam. The magnificent herd comes close, often following the vehicle, making for the perfect opportunity to see the majestic beauty of these incredible creatures. Along the way you’ll learn about the animals–they eat six meals a day and don’t sleep at night–and their very special habitat.

On-the-scene: The buffalo were magical and curious, coming up close to the truck to take a look at us.
Phone: 260-495-0137
Website: Wildwindsbuffalo.com
Good to know: The preserve is open until 4pm but tours stop at 3pm. Check website for summer and winter hours/details. 

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