Hot Air Ballooning in the Southwest

Ever dream of being a 19th-century traveler? A hot air balloon ride definitely fits the bill. Rainbow Ryders takes passengers up and away in cities including Albuquerque and Scottsdale. You’ll get to see how the balloon is blown up before a one-hour ride that includes low gliding and climbing to elevations over 3,000 feet. Because balloons travel at wind speed, there’s no rocking or shaking, making for a serene, peaceful experience like no other (just don’t look straight down!). Sunrise balloon rides end with freshly baked cinnamon rolls and a toast.
On-the-scene: I was terrified to get into a 3x4 wicker basket and head thousands of feet up in the sky, but we had an amazing, enthusiastic pilot and incredible ride.
Phone: 877-771-0776
Good to know: Be prepared. Morning rides (even in summer) can be chilly so bring a jacket.

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